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Are you ready for the next Windows 10 Update?

Since its release on June 1, 2014, we have seen a great deal of changes to Windows 10. The largest of these was the Anniversary Update in August, 2016, which made changes to the Start menu, taskbar, the Edge browser, introduced Windows Ink, Xbox Play Anywhere, and numerous other features. Most of our customers really did not notice these changes, with the exception of the Start menu which confused a few people. With the next major update nearing completion, we thought we would list a few of the new features so you can look for them if they seem interesting to you. Note that since this update has not yet been released, Microsoft may cut or modify any of these features.

  1. Paint 3D will be released allowing people to make 3D content for social media, documents, apps, etc. It will allow 3D capture using cameras and will even let you use your smart phone.
  2. Augmented or mixed reality support is Microsoft’s attempt to make AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) more accessible. Several companies will be able to sell their own headsets for as little as $300.
  3. Microsoft Edge will block flash content by default, have a web payment feature, and support plugin free video conferencing. This is not the most exciting feature to be released, and very few customers use Edge except by accident.
  4. Night Light will lower blue light from screens towards the end of the day to help you relax. This is after much research has shown that viewing warmer colors towards the end of the day will make it easier for users who stare at screens late at night to get to sleep.
  5. New Windows Ink features should make tablet/hybrid users happy. Users will be able to annotate pictures, and sticky notes should be able to detect things like stock symbols, flight info, and addresses.
  6. For more customization, there will be support for downloadable themes and custom accent colors.
  7. 11ad wireless technology supports a 60GHz spectrum. In other words, your connection could be really, really fast at close range to the router!
  8. PC Game Mode will optimize your PC while you are gaming. My guess is this will just shut off unneeded processes when you are gaming.
  9. Windows Hello already makes it faster to log in to your favorite sites. Now, Windows Goodbye biometric authentication will make your computer more secure when you walk away from your machine.
  10. A few of the smaller features include better DPI support, more touchpad gesture options, content sharing features, application folders on the start menu, a picture-in-picture like feature, Cortana improvements, and multiple security improvements.

Will these new changes be worth the wait? We can only wait to see. Let’s just hope this update does not break too many computers. It is probably not a bad idea to back up data before any major update, and you will want to create a system restore point as well.

Photo Caption: Paint 3D will allow you to easily create 3D objects from scratch or modify someone else’s creation. Then, you can share your work to your favorite social sites!

  • 18 Apr, 2017
  • Tech Authority

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