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Custom Computers

Totally Custom Computers

Tech Authority does not sell pre-made builds. In other words, we will put any parts in any case you want, giving you a totally custom computer. You will meet with one of our technicians who will design the perfect computer for your needs and budget. Give us a call, or come by our store to get started.

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Workstations, Servers, and Business Class Builds

Whether you simply need a reliable office computer or a powerful workstation, we can create it. We build video editing machines, CAD workstations, SolidWorks workstations, and Maya workstations for less than you can buy a pre-made machine and with the specifications to suit your unique needs. We specialize in multi-monitor setups, Xeon processors with ECC memory, and titanium PSUs to ensure your workstation or server does not go down.

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Gaming Computers

All of our technicians are big gamers, and our favorite thing to do is to build custom gaming machines. We will sit down with you and figure out what your specific needs and expectations are and then design a machine accordingly. Do you need open loop water cooling, a beautiful custom case, or just a well built and easy to maintain multi-GPU monster for an excellent price? We use the parts that fit your budget, including Intel I7, I5, Extreme, AMD FX CPUs Nvidia 1070, 1080, Titan GeForce, AMD Radeon R9 GPUs, and more. Call now for an appointment!

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