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FAQ Alternative

Please bring in your computer for a free diagnostic, and we will give you an estimate at that time.
Most repairs are completed within 24 hours. Operating System installs with updates can take up to 3 days but are generally completed in 48 hours. If we have to order a part for your repair, we are at the mercy of the shipper (generally 2-3 days). Once the part is received, the repair is usually completed the same day. Data recovery can take several days.
NO. Generally, we will be able to look at your computer when you bring it in. Usually we can tell you within a few minutes what is wrong with it and how much it will cost to have repaired.
NO. We do not sell computers or parts because we feel that would be a conflict of interest for our customers. We do build custom machines.
YES. Please note: our free diagnostic only applies in-store.
Service calls are billed at a rate of $100 per hour. The clock starts when the technician leaves the store and ends when the technician returns.
NO. We repair all brands of desktops and laptops.

Very likely. In the meantime, do not try to turn on your computer. Please bring your computer to the store, and we will try to recover the data. We only charge you for data recovery if we successfully recover the data. Other charges may apply in cases where the drive is hard to access, but you will be appraised of these charges before work has begun.

NO. We do not fix printers, but we can help you if you need help installing a printer driver.