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Small Business IT & Networking

Choose Tech Authority for fast, affordable, Full Service IT (Networking, Server Setup & Maintenance, and Computer Repair) for Small and Medium-sized Businesses all with No Service Contracts!

Network Systems Administration & Management

Businesses are relying more than ever on information technology, networks, and computers, and we know your business cannot afford down time. Tech Authority’s team of IT professionals provides fast, high quality service at affordable rates in the convenience of your office. Accommodate future business growth with systems from Tech Authority that are capable of expansion and upgrades. Let us be your IT solution for a fraction of the cost!

  • Network Design and Planning
  • Server Setup and Configuration
  • Systems Administration
  • Carefully Selected Equipment Based On Your Business’s Precise Needs
  • Server Performance Optimization Suited to Your Business’s Requirements
  • Our Promise of No Sales of Unnecessary or Limited-use Equipment

  • Workstation and Server Maintenance

    Are you in need of server maintenance? Tech Authority offers a variety of services to keep your business’s network running smoothly. We will manage your business’s IT issues, letting you focus on managing your business.We understand that you may only need support occasionally. For small businesses that do not require full time support, our team is available on an as-needed basis at affordable rates. Our IT and computer skills are available in any way that suits your company best. You can count on Tech Authority for fast, efficient service so your company stays up and running and on-track whenever an issue with your network or computers occurs. With our proactive support, you can be assured that we will not only stay on top of issues, but we can even eliminate issues before they happen when possible. You can depend on Tech Authority for all of your IT needs!

  • Quick and Affordable Support Services
  • Software and Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Workstation Setup
  • Routers, Switches, and Cabling
  • Drive Swaps
  • Server Installations
  • Local Operating System Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Connection Issues

  • Data Backups and Recovery Plans

    If you need to protect your business information systems with backups, our team can help! Is your data backup system really keeping your business from being halted in the event of a loss? We can set up backup systems for remote or off-site backups, online or cloud backups, and hard drive and data backups. If you are not currently protected and have been unfortunate enough to experience a systems failure, we offer disaster recovery. Disaster recovery includes hard drive and file data recovery and a business continuity plan. It is best—and we can help you put in place—a business continuity plan before disaster strikes.

  • Computer Hard Drive Backups
  • Network, Server, and Workstation Backups
  • Hard Drive and Data Recovery
  • Local and Cloud-based Options
  • Complete Backup and Recovery Strategies
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

  • Web Protection and Content Filtering

    Tech Authority can help you enhance your network security and employee productivity with an additional layer of protection. Web protection and content filtering allow you to control, monitor and enforce company web and software policies. Keep your business safe and end-users protected by securing against malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam. Apply time-based browsing rules and web content filtering policies across a robust range of website categories to reduce non-work related browsing on social networking, auction, and gaming sites. Help employees stay productive with common sense web browsing policies designed for the workplace. Stay on top of bandwidth usage with alerts when devices exceed thresholds, thereby enabling quick remediation to avoid unwanted costs or a throttled network.

    Exchange, Office 365 and Cloud Integration

    Interested in a hosted email platform you can control? Does your business use subscription based office products or file sharing? Would it be beneficial to off-load applications from slow workstation machines? Tech Authority offers multiple solutions for each of these!:

  • Server or Cloud-based Applications
  • File Sharing and Collaboration Software
  • Email and Office Products