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Xbox X and PS4 Pro Vs. 4K Gaming Desktops

What do you do when you want a powerful 4K gaming machine but cannot stomach the roughly two thousand dollar price tag? Recently, both the Xbox X($500) and the PS4 Pro ($400) have been marketed as 4K home consoles with much lower price tags than a 4K gaming desktop. The question, however, is, “do they deliver a true 4K gaming experience at that price tag?” Well, neither of them could hold a candle to a $2000 gaming desktop, but both do allow you to play games in 4K.

In more demanding games, the PS4 Pro has to rely on checkerboard rendering to produce 4K visuals, while the XBOX X can handle 4K visuals on just about any game. This is due to the Xbox X having both more RAM and a more powerful GPU. For my money, I am only interested in native 4K and would buy the Xbox X over the PS4. However, for certain titles only available on the PS4, the PS4 Pro is the best way to play them. To sum it up, a $2000 gaming PC will deliver a better result than either the PS4 or Xbox X, and both the Xbox X and PS4 Pro are better than their predecessors. The Xbox X is the best way to get native 4K for the least amount of money possible.

  • 9 Jul, 2018
  • Tech Authority

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